Monday, 25 April 2016



Electro Convulsive Therapy

Swinging so high on a gossamer thread,
Not looking down, you’re denying the height,
The cavalry’s coming, our dear doctor Katz,
To teach you a lesson you’ll never forget,

The evil you pedal is coming to grief,
Now banned in three countries,
Then Ireland is next,
You can’t take a trick; the jig’s nearly up,

Spinning the myth that the treatment is, ‘safe,’
You go with the plan, to dupe those who trust,
Hold up in your office and cloistered away,
It must be quite lonely, just being Paul Katz,

The lawyers are coming, with caches of books,
Waiting to test the theories you flaunt,
The high tide is rising, with no land in sight,
I think you should swim, your career’s on the line,

Peddler of poison, no you don’t give a toss,
Crush and destroy the ones you select,
The families are grieving, you snort at their loss,
Weak and defenseless, you laugh at their plight?

The lies that you offer, and trauma you cause,
You’re statement of ‘treatment,’ is nothing but ruse,
Pedaling terror to those far and wide,
Snared in your net, for the law’s on your side,

You think we don’t know, or others like us,
People of goodness and people of trust,
Working with stealth, there’s right on our side,
Will dig you up slowly; then bury you fast.

The one thing that heartens the people of light,
The dark arts you offer will sink in the mud,
You see Dr Katz, you are known far and wide,
Garth Daniels for once; will stand tall with pride.

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