Thursday, 28 April 2016




(History of Garth Daniels)

Garth Daniels is a patient held involuntarily under the umbrella of Eastern Health, Victoria, Australia. Assoc. Professor Paul Katz is the remote overseer of Garth’s treatment for mental illness.  

I write to you Doctor, ‘bout Garth’s growing history,
You don’t seem to know what to do with this man,
Why do you keep him locked up in that hell hole?
When others less noted, could deal with this fast,

Amsulpride, Clozapine, all of them wannabe’s,
Which is the tablet you think is the best,
All in the press told as perfect distractions,
Just like we see you are doing to Garth,

Running a current of harmful ‘lectricity,
Right through his brain, at least two times a week,
Don’t know your reason, and nothing is changing,
‘xept Garth seems confused more than ever before,

You say it’s depression, and gave him Amsulpride,
And now that he’s calmer, you say ‘not that one,’
Juggling pill boxes, taking your chances,
Clozapine comes with the roll of your dice,

Clozapine,’ shortens the life of its victims,
Not one I’d choose, as it weakens the heart,
An ‘odlie,’ but ‘badie,’ maligned by the doctors,
Unlikely to calm, this poor tortured soul,

You go on regardless not knowing your subject,
Fumbling around like a snail in the dark.
Who would depend on an amateur fumbler,
Aiming to get, yes: the big floppy hat,

Not a professor; not likely to be one,
You have to have talent to stand on the stage,
Knowing each moment ‘The Katz,’ is a prowling.
Everyone’s hiding each time you go through,

Clozapine, Amsulpride, which is it gonna’ be,
Can’t make your mind up, they do different things,
Clozapine, Amsulpride, not sure which one to choose,
Garth is in danger with your E.C.T.,

I feel you should think it through; just ask an intern,
And then you could get, the best sage advice,
Amsulpride less anxious; though haven’t you noticed,
Just ask an amateur, most of them know,

Clozapine’s history, is tossed by the wayside,
‘xcept it's more dang’rous than most of the rest,
Knowing he’s sensitive, likely to harm him,
Think of poor Garth and his compromised heart.

Yes, knowing he’s sensitive, likely too strong for him,
Hope you are ready to take this on board,
A possible overdose, just on a small amount,
Hope you’re prepared for: if anger you see:

The signs and symptoms associated with clozapine overdose are: drowsiness, lethargy, coma, areflexia, confusion, agitation, delirium, hyperreflexia, convulsions, hypersalivation, dilated pupils, blurred vision, thermolability (hot), tachycardia, hypotension, collapse, cardiac arrhythmias, heart block, respiratory depression or ...

Wednesday, 27 April 2016



(Box Hill Hospital,
Eastern Region)

Poem for Dr Katz

It started many years ago,
In the continent of bitterness,
You were white, they were black,
The black man claimed his due,

The white man bathed in bitterness,
Was once the black man’s lot,
The black man’s plot is his again,
To toil the way he wants,

The tides were turned, to grim regret,
The white man fled, to his chagrin,
Aching with resentment, and,
Burning with the loss,

Your conflict reignited,
In this fair place we live,
In a country called Australia,
Where we are young and free,

This time it’s in a different form,
To reignite …your war,
It’s scaled down to a hospital,
You even up the score,

A chance to crush the black man,
A powerful place you play,
To tear his very heart out,
And crush it with your shoe,

You take his fragile family,
In a cruel and manic dance,
Devise how you will make him pay,
For being one of them,

You treat them as an errant child,
Who rips the wings off butterflies,
And watches as they flail about,
As slowly breath and life seep out,

You’ve got it wrong dear Doctor,
In this fair Isle, far away,
From the continent of Africa,
Where once you lived and played,

Australia will not tolerate,
Such cruel and rancid ways,
For we stand up united,
Against your tyranny.

Monday, 25 April 2016



Electro Convulsive Therapy

Swinging so high on a gossamer thread,
Not looking down, you’re denying the height,
The cavalry’s coming, our dear doctor Katz,
To teach you a lesson you’ll never forget,

The evil you pedal is coming to grief,
Now banned in three countries,
Then Ireland is next,
You can’t take a trick; the jig’s nearly up,

Spinning the myth that the treatment is, ‘safe,’
You go with the plan, to dupe those who trust,
Hold up in your office and cloistered away,
It must be quite lonely, just being Paul Katz,

The lawyers are coming, with caches of books,
Waiting to test the theories you flaunt,
The high tide is rising, with no land in sight,
I think you should swim, your career’s on the line,

Peddler of poison, no you don’t give a toss,
Crush and destroy the ones you select,
The families are grieving, you snort at their loss,
Weak and defenseless, you laugh at their plight?

The lies that you offer, and trauma you cause,
You’re statement of ‘treatment,’ is nothing but ruse,
Pedaling terror to those far and wide,
Snared in your net, for the law’s on your side,

You think we don’t know, or others like us,
People of goodness and people of trust,
Working with stealth, there’s right on our side,
Will dig you up slowly; then bury you fast.

The one thing that heartens the people of light,
The dark arts you offer will sink in the mud,
You see Dr Katz, you are known far and wide,
Garth Daniels for once; will stand tall with pride.

Sunday, 24 April 2016




I love a sunburnt country,
A place of shaking brains,
I wish I could remember,
A land of sweeping plains,

My life is foggy memories,
'Bout who I used to be, 
The devil take the high road,
All done quite lawfully.

I think I'm from Australia,
Can't vouch for that for sure,
A hidden world of terror,
That's my life right now,

When I  loved her far horizons,
It's not the place I know,
Never thought a slick psy-chiatrist,
Would take it all away,

He said it would be easy,
The treatment is quite safe,
I didn't read the fine print,
Until it was too late,

A stark white ring-barked forest
And tragic as the moon,
Something I can't see right now,
My wrists and feet are bound,

The saphire-misted mountains,
The hot gold flush of noon,
'Bit hard for me to see today,
'Tween these bleak heartless walls,

When electric shocks are finished,
On my poor defeated brain,
I s'pose I'll be to addled,
To see her wide blue sky,

One hundred shocks by Friday,
To my poor hurting brain,
My mouth is sore from clenching,
When they let the current roar,

They tell me when two hundred,
I might as well be dead,
My body will be shaking,
My thoughts most likely fled,

Too late to bring me back again,
Some corner I will be,
While drooling in my custard,
No wide brown land for me,

So I want to warn you others,
This treatment isn't fit,
When sick at heart you'll find us,
Secluded in this pit,

Whenever I may die right here,
From torture in this place
I'll know from that psy-chiatrist,
I have been Katzified.